Granblue Radiance – 6/13/2016 – Tales of Asteria Collaboration 2 – Blue Sky Boogaloo


Hello Skyfarers! Intermittent website challenges aside, the second Tales of Asteria collaboration event is now live. Players of Tales of Asteria can now grab even more nice rewards and pick up some of the great new characters in this collaboration event. Event Run Period: 6/13 7PM – 6/23 5PM JST Note: this article is a WIP. It will be updated as […]

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6/2/2016 – Granblue Radiance – Character Balance Patch First Impression


The 6/2 balances changes have hit, and with that, people are sure to ask “How is <blank> now?” so here are my initial thoughts on most of the changes. Of course, as of writing this right now, the math hasn’t been worked out on every character/boss yet, so they are all subject to change/revision. Zeta Charge attack (Ougi) damage increased […]

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