Darchrow’s Corner: A look at Athena’s Assets

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Greetings all, Before I dwell into the possible build choices using the weapons available from the Athena showdown. I want to give a brief information on DA/TA (Double and Triple Attack) mechanics of weapon skills. First and foremost, DA/TA for weapon skills of the SAME category are capped at 50%. Hence, you can not exceed 50% DA/TA by stacking Athena Spears. […]

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Granblue Radiance – 9/2/2016 – Order of the Lord Collab Event

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This event is a Defense Order (Defend Order) event. This does make me think a generic Defense Order primer might be necessary, but for now enjoy this half baked guide on them. Event Duration: September 1st – September 21st How To Join Defense Order Defense Order occurs multiple times per day and is separated by Group. First, determine what Group you […]

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Fenrir and Cerberus Return!

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This article is a bit late, as there were a number of things that needed confirmation. Read on! Event Run Period: 8/16 7PM – 8/23 5PM JST Note: this article is a WIP. It will be updated as more information about the event comes to light. What is this event? This is a rerun event featuring two bosses, Fenrir and Cerberus. These […]

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