Granblue Radiance – The 5th Cinderella Girls Collaboration Event (Rerun)

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Note: this has largely been copy pasted from the previous version, so if there are any errors or incorrect terminology, please let me know.

WIP – Hell/Nightmare boss strategies.

What is this event?

This event still follows many of the rules and conventions of Conquest events, with some other mechanics sprinkled in. In particular, you can get up to five(!) new SR characters.

To start the bulk of the event, you must first clear the story mode. It’s very easy and not very long, but it does cost AP, unlike Scenario Events.

However, do note that some rewards can only be gotten by playing Cinderella Girls, a totally different game Cygames is involved in. There are already guides online on how to play it, but if there is a lot of demand for it, I can write a guide as well.

Event Characters

There are ton of new characters this time around, which can be gotten in a number of different ways, varying from just automatically via story progression or having to play Cinderella Girls.

3030041000_012016-03-11 03_32_01-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

Shibuya Rin – You get Shiburin just by starting the event. You’ll have to get 1000 bond points to keep her, so stick her in all your parties and kill things.

3030052000_012016-03-11 03_32_35-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

Honda Mio – You get her automatically at the end of event story. You can get a stat bonus by getting 500 Trust points, so you should also stick her into your party and kill things wit her.

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Uzuki Shimamura – You need to play Cinderella Girls and reach level 20. You can get a maximum stat bonus by getting 500 Trust points, so stick her in your party and.. yeah, you get the idea.

3030121000_012016-03-11 03_31_23-eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwOi8vcHV1LnNoL25DQ2lBLzgzNTBjMDA0MzguanBnIn0.oWSXsMdAmqtT2rh5bGxC

Airi Totoki – You need to play Cinderella Girls and reach level 39. You can get a maximum stat bonus by getting 500 Trust points, etc.

3030120000_012016-03-11 03_29_02-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

Sachiko Koshimizu – You need to exchange various items from the extra quests drop to get her. For the dark blue Pinya Statues (Obsidian Statue 黒曜石の像) on the left side, you will need to defeat the Black Pinya boss. For the dark colored Stars (Purple Jewel パープルジュエル), you can only get it from mimic that spawns in the (pictured below) spawned throughout the Extra quests Black Pinya Very Hard or Extreme version, or from the Black Pinya Maniac boss battle.

2016-03-11 18_39_45-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

The Mimic spawns at approximately 10%. If you bring Sylpheed Bell summon to the fight, it appears much more often.

Shop Rewards

By clearing the Extra quests, you get materials that can be exchange in the shop for various things. Here’s a quick overview of what you can get. Note that every weapon and summon will increase in price each time you buy it. Item buy limits have been increased as this is a re-run, but like most re-runs, if you have played this event before, the shop does not restock of things you bought the last time the event was around.


2016-03-11 03_34_42-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

SSR Summons (Brynhildr and Ranko Kanzaki) – Neither is not particularly good, but they can help if you have nothing better, although a fully Uncapped Ranko Kanzaki is required to get her playable (more info in the 6th collab article). To get Brynhildr, you have to get some materials from the Extra quests to exchange for her. Then, to get Ranko Kanzaki, you can summon Brynhildr a lot of times. You can get Ranko Kanzaki via summoning even after the event is over, which is great, because it takes 666 summons of Brynhildr to get 4 copies.

2016-03-11 03_47_50-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

SSR Black Axe – This is an fire weapon with a Unknown ATK II modifier, making it a must have for any aspiring Fire player. Absolutely aim to get two of these max limit broken if possible. As mentioned earlier, you can only purchase 4 from the store, and it gets more expensive each time, so you’ll need to get some as drops from the Black Pinya Boss if you want more.

2016-10-15 15_00_35-グランブルーファンタジー

The SSR Black Axe can now also be Uncapped to 4 Stars, giving it a considerably boost in power and making it extremely desirable for Fire players as one of the most powerful free Fire Weapons to date. However, it requires 30 Shining Stars, which only drop from Hell / Nightmare difficulties, more on that later.

2016-03-11 03_48_15-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

SSR Unknown Wand – This is a wind weapon with an Unknown VIT II modifier. Unknown VIT is not nearly as essential as Unknown ATK, but if you find your wind team hurting for HP, this can be a good pickup. It can also be uncapped to 4 Stars, but why on earth would you do that?

2016-03-11 03_51_13-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]2016-03-11 03_51_20-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

SR Black Knife / Unknown Needle – Both these SRs have Unknown ATK modifiers. If you are hurting for good weapons with different modifiers, these might actually outplace some other weapons in your pool.

2016-03-12 16_45_57-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]2016-03-12 16_45_43-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

SR Black Gauntlet / Unknown Hammer – Double Earth Unknown VIT weapons. Not sure how useful both together are, you’ll most likely end up using them as SR fodder for other weapons.

Other – You can (and should) buy two 1/2 AP potions every day from each shop. JP, Silver/Gold Certs, and SR Weapons are moderately priced, so if you don’t need anything else from the event, you can farm materials to buy these instead.

Cinderella Girls Crossover Rewards

2016-03-11 03_53_33-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

You’ll have to play Cinderella Girls if you want to snag these rewards. Leveling to 40 in Cinderella Girls is pretty time consuming, but it’s definitely doable in the weeks time they give you.


100 Crystals – To get the first reward, you need to get your Derepuchi level up to 6. You can do that by picking this box, then sending your girls to do lessons, like running for 7 hours straight or something.

CG Girls Tutorial 1 CG Girls Tutorial 2

3 Full Elixirs – To do this you need to go into other Producer’s Puchimasu rooms and “Like” them like on facebook

CG Girls Tutorial 3 CG Girls Tutorial 4 CG Girls Tutorial 5

Event Story

2016-03-11 04_03_37-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

Before you can unlock the Extra Quest bosses for gathering materials for the shop, you need to finish the event story. It’s very short and sweet, nothing hard at all in there.

Extra Quests

2016-10-15 15_03_00-グランブルーファンタジー

After you finish the Event Story, the event Extra Quests will be unlocked. You’ll only have access to the Green Pinya at first, but eventually as you progress through it, the Black Pinya will be unlocked too. This time around, they both have a Maniac difficulty, which is considerably more difficult than the Extreme version, but has the added bonus of dropping more loot.

Challenge Dungeon

2016-03-11 02_51_57-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

After you finish the story, you’ll face this very, very easy challenge quest. Unfortunately, you must have all three of the New Generations team (Uzuki, Rin, and Mio) to start the quest, so you need to play some Cinderella Girls to make this quest a reality.

2016-03-15 01_36_59-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

The new challenge quest has been added on 3/15. It requires Airi, so if you weren’t diligent in producing some idols, you can’t do this one either. The battle itself is not too difficult, but it does require you to tank the boss’s special power-up with Sachiko, so keep that in mind when he starts using that Kaio Ken.

Hell / Nightmare

2016-10-15 15_17_05-グランブルーファンタジー

Hell / Nightmare boss difficulties have been added to the event for both bosses. It has a chance to spawn each time you clear the Extreme / Maniac difficulty for each respective boss. As with recent Conquest events, the Hell / Nightmare difficulty has three versions, with each higher level verison more difficult than the last.

2016-10-15 15_17_16-グランブルーファンタジー

You can only get Shining Stars from Hell/Nightmare difficulty. You get more Shining Stars (3 for Lv120, 2 for Lv90, and 1 for Lv60) and potentially better higher end drop rates, so if you can clear the more difficult ones, you definitely should.

2016-10-15 15_01_18-グランブルーファンタジー

Green Pinya Hell/Nightmare Boss Strategy 

Lv60 –

Lv90 –

Lv120 – This is still pretty standard fight. Her Overdrive Charge Attack deals massive fire damage to all allies and puts the Death Curse status aliment on your whole party, so if you don’t have Veil or Clear, the battle could end really quick. She uses a variant of her Overdrive Charge Attack at 50% health, so plan accordingly.

Black Pinya Hell/Nightmare Boss Strategy

Lv120 – He will use the same attacks as usual in Normal / Overdrive modes, but at 50% he will use a new move that raises his defense considerably, then on the next turn attack a single target for a ludicious amount of damage (999999999999999999). You can actually cheese this fight by using an ability with party reflect (SR Danua, SR Vayne, Swimsuit Lecia, etc), making it an easy source for Shining Stars.

Shop Cheese

2016-03-12 14_53_36-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

The items dropped in the event are usable in the previous Idolmaster collaboration events, so you can actually go back to the old eventual shop and buy extra copies of the Wand or Brynhildr if you want. This is a good way to save time and/or get extra goodies from farming the event.


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