Granblue Radiance Newsletter – 6/23/2016 – Celestial Event: Rise Of All Four Beasts

After a bit of a hiatus, the Celestials are back in full force! Literally! They’re all here!

Event Dates – 6/23/2017PM JST -6/30/2016 5PM JST

Unlike the previous Celestial events which were divided by Element, now you can fight all four elemental bosses throughout the event. There are also new bonuses and ways to get rewards, making it a lot easier to get powered up if you’re a beginner or advanced player alike. Definitely dedicate some time to this even, if you want to get strong quickly in Granblue. Let the scramble for Four Pendant Symbols begin!

四象の輝き(Four Symbols Pendant) 


You get 四象の輝き or Four Symbols Pendants for participating in the event (killing the bosses and so on). You can trade it for lots of good stuff, of which follows below.


Florenberg (Point Dagger) – This is an essential item from the event if you haven’t gotten it yet. Not only does it come as a 3 star weapon, but it also increases your point accumulation for certain types of events (Story Events, Guild War) by having it equipped (and Level 100). Absolutely get one of these if you don’t have one already, as it can even serve as a weapon for low level players too. It does not give you more Pendants for this event, however.

2016-01-14 13_11_41-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

Chrome Nugget – Buying 10 of these will allow you to trade for a Hihiirokane in Sierokarte’s shop, which is a material that can be used for limit breaking any SSR weapon and is needed for Guild War weapons quest as well. For those who have gotten their first Hihiirokane, they’ll have to pick up 15 of these little nuggets to get their 2nd Hihiirokane. For those who have already purchased their second Hihirokane, you can buy 15 more, but you’ll need 20 total to get your third Hihiirokane.

2016-06-23 10_05_26-IMG_6925.PNG (750×1334)

Original Celestial Weapons – Each one comes with 3 star uncapped (Lv100 Max) and can be upgraded to 4 star (Lv150 Max) with the a corresponding Talisman. Each of these weapons are very high class Normal Modifier Elemental weapons, which can make them useful even in end-game grids and are nice sinks for EXP for beginning players, as well as functioning as stat-sticks that can let a truly beginning player get off the ground.

2016-06-23 10_03_47-Granblue Fantasy

New Celestial Weapons – Each one comes with 3 star uncapped (Lv100 Max) and can be upgraded to 4 star (Lv150 Max) with the a corresponding Talisman. While not as powerful as the original celestial weapons in terms of raw stats, they have special skills that might make them more enticing to use in certain builds. Not as much of a slam dunk for earlier players, but more advanced players might be able to find some use for them.

2016-06-23 10_09_18-Granblue Fantasy

Four Beasts Talisman – A required material to uncap the Celestial weapons to 4 star weapon, increasing the level limit and its performance. They are also used to summon the new Huanglong and Qilin boss battles.

2016-06-23 10_13_36-Granblue Fantasy

S Rare Weapon Guaranteed Ticket – If you need some SR characters this is a questionable endeavor, though potentially rewarding. You are guaranteed an SR weapon, which can give you an SR character, but can also totally shaft you and give you a dupe or a characterless weapon. If you’re at the level where you need Weapon Quartz, this can actually end up being a good option, though.

2016-04-08 03_10_10-グランブルーファンタジー

Anemoi’s Harp – You gain extra experience while you have this harp equipped anywhere on your grid. Furthermore, it has this ability regardless of the number of starts you have, so the two you get from the Battle Badges is more than enough, if you want one of these.

2016-04-08 03_11_13-グランブルーファンタジー

Great Earth Sword – Kind of an interesting weapon, it has decent stats, and the skill increases HP by 500 and also increases the defense of earth characters for 5 turns after a battle starts. Honestly though, I’ve used this thing as fodder every single time, since Earth naturally has sword type weapons available to them. You get one via Battle Badges, so if you want to try it out, you can just grab one over there.

2016-04-08 03_08_15-グランブルーファンタジー

Septian Burner – Increases item drop rate when used as your main weapon. Not really the greatest thing ever since you’ll be locked into staff classes as a fire character when you want to farm with this thing, but it is known to be as effective as Oliver at Skill Rank 10. Worth having around for farming when you can’t afford to make Oliver. You get one via Battle Badges, and it works all the same without limit breaking, so there’s no reason to purchase one.


Generic Goods – Golden Certificates, Silver Certificates, 1/2 AP Potions, Soul Seeds, and 10000 Rupee packs, are all nice goodies from the event if you’re not interested in anything else.

Last but not least, Four Symbols Pendants does carry over between Celestial Events, so don’t feel pressured to spend it all, if you don’t need anything. There is however, a 30000 cap on how much Four Symbols Pendants you can hold.

討伐章(Battle Badge) – Recommend Rewards

2016-06-23 10_26_25-Granblue Fantasy

Battle Badges have now been split into the category via enemy type (Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind), and are items you get during events from corresponding battles. Here you’ll find AP Potions, Seeds, Four Pendant Symbols, SSR Weapons, and other useful materials. You get rewards for getting them, but you don’t have to spend them, you will get all the rewards by getting 200 Badges in each category.

How to Participate

Solo Battles

2016-06-23 07_01_20-Granblue Fantasy

The solo battles are easy, but don’t really provide much in terms of rewards. While you will get some, you’ll mostly want to do each difficulty once for the Treasure Crystals, then move on.

Extreme Raid Battles

2016-06-23 07_04_00-Granblue Fantasy

When the event starts, you can summon one of these four bosses to fight. You’ll get a sizeable rewards from fighting these bosses, but another benefit is that once you’ve defeated enough of them, you can fill up your orb to summon an EX+ battle. It’s roughly 10 EX battles you’ve summoned until the orb is full, though you also get some orb power from joining EX battles as well.

2016-06-23 07_24_04-Granblue Fantasy

Extreme+ Raid Battles

Once your orb is filled up, you can summon the more difficult EX+ battles, which have a 60 person join limit. You will get significantly more rewards for finishing these battles. So if you can summon it and finish it, it’s well worth the AP. You can only summon the EX+ battle that corresponds to the current Cardinal Hour (Bonus Time), which we’ll cover later.

Special Raid Rules

Like most events, joining raids is just as useful as summoning them. Unlike most events with raid battles, this one has special rules.

1) A Raid drops a random (within range) amount of Four Pendant Symbols, Red Boxes (MVP/Host) also contain Four Pendant Symbols
2) Each Raid gives you bonus multipler based on how many points you got in the Raid
3) Raids grant extra bonus HP/ATK/Celestial Glimmer when join earlier
4) Raids cost less BP the later in the battle you join them (Half BP at Half Boss HP, and 1BP at One Fourth HP)

Hosting a raid follows the same rules as joining it at 100% health, so you will get all the benefits from “joining” at a higher hp.

Other Bonuses

Cardinal Bonus (Bonus Time)

2016-06-23 10_27_02-Granblue Fantasy

You can only summon the EX+ boss that corresponds to the current Cardinal Time. However, you will get a 1.5x bonus modifier to Four Symbols Pendants during the time that corresponds to each element. This counts for both EX and EX+ variant bosses as well, so working on the correct element boss allows you to rack up more Pendants in a shorter amount of time.

Daily Missions

2016-06-23 10_27_17-Granblue Fantasy

Finishing each mission will give you bonus rewards throughout the event, which will cut down on the total amount you need to farm every day as well. Since each mission is specifically “clear” and not “join”, you can clear these missions by using either AP or BP, so make sure to get them done every day!

Farming Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, definitely use the Cardinal Bonus and Daily missions to your advantage, but you can

Low Level Players – Low level players should focus 100% on entering 1BP EX+ raids and getting a single hit in before the battle ends. This will score you between 100~300 Four Symbols Pendants per battle, which can mean 300~900 per hour of natural regeneration, which can translate to about 3600~10800 per 12 hours of play. This is more than enough to score yourself a 4 Star weapon and all of the badge rewards before the event ends.

Mid/High Level Players – If you can defeat/MVP EX level boses, it is not a bad idea to summon and defeat this boss battle over and over for a consistent amount of Four Symbols Pendants and work toward being able to summon your own EX+. You can then use your BP whenever you’re not grinding to also snipe some 1BP EX+ battles, allowing you to rack up even more points and badges.

As for 5BP EX+, if you cannot score at least 200,000~300,000 points, you will not get a 5x multiplier, which generally means it is less efficient than during a 1BP EX+. If you can score significantly more and/or MVP an EX+, you will get more points doing EX+ than sniping, though it does take much longer as far as the fights go.

As for summoning your own EX+, you get a nice bonus for starting the fight, which means if you can get a good modifier, it far outstrips any other AP usage for Four Symbols Pendants. However, given how divided the battles are now (people looking for corresponding bonus battles), you may find yourself unable to get anyone to join…

Players with Claris/Yodaruha/Thalatha/Barowa/High Damage Skills – Using these characters can allow you to consistently score 10,000 ~ 20,000 points on a 1BP EX+, which can allow you to get from a 1.2x~1.8x modifier for the bonus at the end. This is can make it even more efficient than a high level player fighting EX+ over and over, so definitely consider fielding this strategy if you have these characters available.

New Battles: Huanglong and Qilin


By collecting all 4 of the Talismans from the event, you can summon a special raid. This raid is currently known to drop Treasure Crystals, Talismans, Characterless SSR Weapons, and numerous other fantastic rewards, but little information is known at the moment aside from that. More information will be posted here as it develops.


Despite the addition of the cool new filter system, sometimes you just want to focus on specific raids instead. By using Tweetdeck, you can search for raids that other people have tweeted and join them. I won’t be able to flesh out a full Tweetdeck tutorial as of right now, but below are the search strings you can put into Tweetdeck to find appropriate raids:

Lv60 朱雀 Zhuque/Suzaku
Lv60 玄武 Xuanwu/Genbu
Lv60 白虎 Baihu/Byakko
Lv60 青龍 Qinglong/Seiryu

Lv90 アグニス Agnis
Lv90 ネプチューン Neptune
Lv90 ティターン Titan
Lv90 ゼピュロス Zephyrus

New Battles (Beware of trolls)
Lv100 黄龍 Huanglong
Lv100 黒麒麟 Qilin


Have questions? Found a bunch of typos due to this article being written hastily at 4AM? Need someone to carry you through your EX+? Come find us on Discord: