Granblue Radiance – 9/23/2016 – September Guild War

This month’s Guild War features Fire Elemental enemies. This is a copy paste of the original March Guild War 

This article is a work in progress and will be updated as more information comes to light.

Fighting Agra – Collecting Meat

2016-03-23 03_05_14-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

Fight these floating eyeballs to get Meat to summon Beowulf. You can get meat from any version of this fight, but the more difficult it is, the better the chance for Meat and other rewards. Normal has 75,000 HP, Hard has 800,000, and Very Hard has 1,200,000. His three Ougis can set you on Fire, Seal your abilities for one turn, or put a Def/Atk debuff on you, so don’t get cocky if this will be a close fight for you. For higher level players, he’s remains a floating punching bag with an eye.

Fighting Beowulf

2016-03-23 03_41_04-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

As with Agra, the more difficult Beowulf requires more Meat and AP, but the more difficult version of the fight gives better rewards. The Very Hard version has 4,000,000 HP, while the Extreme has 9,500,000 HP, making him somewhat durable. He has three different Ougi, which are described below.

フレアライン (Flare Line) – Party attack, Water ATK Down, Ability Seal, Beowulf Double Attack Up

イラプトホーン (Erupt Horn) – Single attack, ATK Down

ギガンティックパルサー (Gigantic Pulsar) – Party attack, DEF Down

If you intend to solo it, you can think of him as an easier Extra Quest Maniac fight, as he does not have any triggered Ougi from being reduced under certain HP values.

Fighting Volcanio

2016-03-25 16_29_29-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

The new boss that is unlocked after the Head to Head rounds have started. He is much stronger than the Extreme boss, with around 15,000,000 HP and much stronger ougi attacks. He has three different Ougi as well, which are described below.

ヒートウェイブ (Heat Wave) – Party attack, Burning Status, Cannot Heal Status (1 Turn)
咆哮 (Roar) – Party Attack, Volcanio Double Attack Up
クリムゾンブロー (Crimson Blow) – 10 Attacks, Causes Paralysis, Volcanio DEF Down, Volcanio ATK Up

50% HP Ougi Trigger – Crimson Blow

One Per Day: Hell Beowulf

2016-03-25 20_10_10-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

Create Grudge Chunks with five Meat and donate them to the guild to allow your Guild Master to summon the Once-Per-Day Hell Battle.

2016-03-25 18_50_15-グランブルーファンタジー

The left button turns Meat into Grudge Chunks, and the right button donates them to the guild. Each guild member can only create a maximum of 6 Grudge Chunks throughout the entire event. So guilds must coordinate who will donate their Chunks on each day as Grudge Chunks expire if they are not used before the battle changes over.

This time, the Guild Master can set the Grudge Chunk limit to 10, 20, or 30 chunks from the get go. You will summon a higher level version of the Hell boss depending on how many chunks are used to summon him.

Other Rewards

2016-03-23 03_56_57-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版] 2016-03-23 03_57_11-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

Beowulf Summon – You can only get two via the event rewards (Gold Badges), and you’ll have to get them as rare drops if you want to max limit break it. But honestly, this thing is pretty bad even for event summon standards. If you are hurting for a Fire summon, Ifrit is coming up on the Extra Quest wheel.


SR Weapons – Both of these weapons are quite lackluster, with the Earth staff being Last Stand (M) and the Water spear being Double ATK Up (M), these should be first on the list to be fed to your other weapons for skill points.

Efficiency Table

Battle NameRequire AP/ItemsRequired BPEvent Gatcha TicketsMaximum Contribution Point Value
Agra (Normal)10 APN/ATotal: 31,000
Agra (Hard)15 AP1 BPSummoner: 6
Defeat Boss: 2
MVP: 3
Agra (Very Hard)25 AP2 BPSummoner: 12
Defeat Boss: 4
MVP: 6
Beowulf (Very Hard)30 AP
2 Meat
3 BPSummoner: 16
Defeat Boss: 6
MVP: 8
Beowulf (Extreme)50 AP
5 Meat
5 BPSummoner: 24
Defeat Boss: 8
MVP: 12
Volcanio (Extreme+)50 AP
8 Meat
5 BPSummoner: 30
Defeat Boss: 10
MVP: 16


That’s it for now, happy hunting in the preliminary round. I’ll update with more information and strategies as more things get confirmed.