Granblue Radiance – 9/2/2016 – Order of the Lord Collab Event

This event is a Defense Order (Defend Order) event. This does make me think a generic Defense Order primer might be necessary, but for now enjoy this half baked guide on them.

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Event Duration: September 1st – September 21st

How To Join Defense Order

Defense Order occurs multiple times per day and is separated by Group. First, determine what Group you are in by checking your profile.

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Then, you can check the in-game schedule or Twitter to find out when your next Defense Order is.


Once Defense Orders has started, you can start it like any other quest.


After you’ve joined it, you’ll be taken to this screen. Join as many battles as possible to earn more Siege Shields, but do note that every fight as a join limit. Defeat the Final Boss within the time limit to get an extra Siege Shield clear bonus and access to a special share chest.

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Reward: Vermilion Skin

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You will get the Vermilion outfit by achieving the event specific Trophy achievement. Getting 200 Siege Shields isn’t too difficult per Defense Order, so you can accomplish this easily as long as you come prepared.

Reward: Millia Summon

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This summon is very strong for an Event summon, making it very worthwhile to get. You can get 1 copy by trading 3000 Siege Shields, but you must get the other 3 copies by achieving the event specific title, which you achieve by participating in a Defense Order that is successful. As this event is currently very popular, there should be little to no difficulty in defeating the final boss, but the popularity could diminish as players get finished with all the rewards.

As of now, you need to join at least 3 to get 2 copies, with no confirmation on how many victories are needed for the last copy.

Getting Siege Shields Part 1: Fighting Battles

More screenshots will be added later.

2016-09-01 17_11_41-Granblue Fantasy 2016-09-02 17_57_40-Granblue Fantasy

Each node has a certain number of Foe Units on an Area Keeper. As Area Keepers are defeated, more nodes open up. There are Wave timers that spawn additional Foe Units once they’ve counted down. Eventually, the final boss will appear and must be defeated within the time limit for the Defense Order to be successful.

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Foe Unit battles are (multiple) 18 player raids that share debuffs / buffs. Bring and use AOE skills, raid-wide buffs, and attack as much as possible to maximize Siege Shields. Using a Chain Burst is not recommend as it takes longer and doesn’t really give you much more Siege Shields. Defeating Foe Units will weaken the buffs on the Area Keeper.

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Area Keeper battles are solo battles that do not share debuffs / buffs. You can borrow skills / cross summons from various other players/guildmembers, but for the most part this is a solo battle. Area Keepers tend to be much more durable and are much stronger than Foe Unit battles, so prioritize taking as many turns as possible and staying alive to maximize Siege Shields. Area Keepers get special buffs from Foe Units that have not been defeated.

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Final Boss battles are like Area Keepers but they get buffs from Foe Units on the entire map. It otherwise functions exactly like an Area Keeper battle, except that when the boss is defeated, the Defense Order is successful.

Getting Siege Shields Part 2: Making / Using Defense Order Items

Since joining battles is very competitive in this event, a surefire way to get 200 Siege Shields per battle is to make Defense Order Items and use them during a battle to get points.

2016-09-02 00_09_19-Granblue Fantasy 2016-09-02 00_43_35-Granblue Fantasy

You can make a lot of them from various materials. You can only use each one once per battle, so you’ll have to make lots of different items to get more points.


Just using enough items is often enough to get you to the minimum requirement for the skin, so if you bring enough items, you won’t have to worry mashing to get into a fight for Siege Shields and you can comfortably get the skin.

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