Granblue Radiance – 8/23/2016 – August 2016 Guild War

Make sure you read the Guild War Primer before reading this one, or it won’t make any sense.

This month’s Guild War features Light Elemental enemies. So far, the enemies appear to be re-run of an extremely old Guild War Event, which can already be found on the jwiki (in Japanese).

This article is a work in progress and will be updated as more information comes to light.

Fighting Yog-Sothoth – Collecting Meat

2016-08-23 10_31_18-Granblue Fantasy

Fight these floating eyeballs to get Bait Slices (Meat) to summon Mahisha or Supergigante. You can get meat from any version of this fight, but the more difficult it is, the better the chance for meat and other rewards. Normal has 75,000 HP, Hard has 800,000, and Very Hard has 1,300,000. He has a very high Double Attack chance.

Fighting Mahisha

2016-08-23 10_35_12-Granblue Fantasy

As with Yog-Sothoth, the more difficult Mahisha requires more AP and also Meat, but the more difficult version of the fight gives better rewards. Killing this boss over and over is the only way to get enough points to qualify for the Superior Round. The Very Hard version has 4,500,000 HP, while the Extreme has 9,400,000 HP, making him somewhat durable. He has three different Charge Attacks, which are described below.

Wave Line – Party attack, Dark Attack Down, Ability Seal, Audumbla ATK Up (Permanent)

Lightning Horn – Single attack, ATK Down, Audumbla Double Attack Up (Permanent)

Overdrive Only Gigantic Pulsar – Party attack, DEF down, Consumes self-buffs to increase power

HP 20% – Diamonds for charge attack reduced from 2 -> 1.

Fighting Supergigante

This battle hasn’t been unlocked yet, but is projected to be added after the Superior Round begins.

He is much stronger than the Extreme boss, with around 15,000,000 HP and much stronger attacks. He has three different Charged Attacks as well, which are described below.

Storm Wave – Party Attack, Corruption
Roar – Party Attack, Supergigante Double Attack Up
Overdrive Only Endive Blow – 10 Attacks, Causes Blindness, Supergigante DEF Down

50% HP Ougi Trigger – Endive Blow (Weaker than a normal Torrent Blow)

True Power Unleashed – Triple Attack Up, Debuff Resistance Up, Charge Turn 3 -> 1

One Per Day: Hell Mahisha

Picture Pending, this battle will not be available until the Superior Round starts

Create Grudge Chunks with five Meat and donate them to the guild to allow your Guild Master to summon the Once-Per-Day Hell Battle.

2016-03-25 18_50_15-グランブルーファンタジー

The left button turns Meat into Grudge Chunks, and the right button donates them to the guild. Each guild member can only create a maximum of 6 Grudge Chunks throughout the entire event. So guilds must coordinate who will donate their Chunks on each day as Grudge Chunks expire if they are not used before the battle changes over.

The Guild Master can set the Grudge Chunk limit to 10, 20, or 30 chunks from the get go. You will summon a higher level version of the Hell boss depending on how many chunks are used to summon him.

Other Rewards

2016-08-23 10_42_28-Granblue Fantasy

Mahisha Summon – You can only get two via the event rewards (100 and 400 Gold Badges), and you’ll have to get them as rare drops if you want to Uncap it. It’s quite bad as a Main Summon, but you could find perhaps find some use for it if you don’t own a Light Carbunkle and need to buff your Light ATK. Otherwise, it should strictly be broken down for Light Quartz.

2016-08-23 10_44_11-Granblue Fantasy 2016-08-23 10_44_32-Granblue Fantasy

SR Weapons – These weapons are both terrible, as they have awful Weapon Skills. Feed these away, unless you absolutely need a Dark Katana for something.

Efficiency Table

Battle NameRequire AP/ItemsRequired BPEvent Gatcha TicketsMaximum Contribution Point Value
Eyeball (Normal)10 APN/ATotal: 31,000
Eyeball (Hard)15 AP1 BPSummoner: 6
Defeat Boss: 2
MVP: 3
Eyeball (Very Hard)25 AP2 BPSummoner: 12
Defeat Boss: 4
MVP: 6
Beast (Very Hard)30 AP
2 Meat
3 BPSummoner: 16
Defeat Boss: 6
MVP: 8
Beast (Extreme)50 AP
5 Meat
5 BPSummoner: 24
Defeat Boss: 8
MVP: 12
Beast (Extreme+)50 AP
8 Meat
5 BPSummoner: 30
Defeat Boss: 10
MVP: 16


That’s it for now, happy hunting in the preliminary round. I’ll update with more information and strategies as more things get confirmed.