Granblue Fantasy – “What Should I Keep?” Guide

With the influx of piles of junk you’re sure to have after rolling a bunch of times, it often begs the question, “What should I keep?” I’ll bring up some common things you should save for later, keeping in mind that this list is likely incomplete as of right now and will require updating as more and more things get added to the game.

1. Any Weapon or Summon You Are Going To Use

This is a super no-brainer, as Weapons and Summons are the meat and potatoes of your character’s stats. Obviously, it behooves to not throw away anything you intend to use. If you are afraid of accidentally feeding or selling something you might use, you can use a “Save” option in your List menu to avoid doing this.

2016-04-04 19_36_21-グランブルーファンタジー

2. Any Weapon With A Weapon Skill

Granblue Fantasy is a game where you need to level up the Weapon Skill level of the weapons that you use for an effective Weapon Grid. To do this, you need weapons with Weapon Skills to use as fodder for the weapons in your grid. To the left is a weapon with a Weapon Skill (you should save this) and to the right as a weapon without one (feed or sell without worry about it).

2016-04-04 19_26_14-グランブルーファンタジー 2016-04-04 19_27_21-グランブルーファンタジー

You can quickly check if a weapon has a Weapon Skill by changing your List menu to “Weapon Skill Level” and seeing if it has a number. If there is a – instead, that means the weapon has no Weapon Skill.

2016-04-04 19_31_23-グランブルーファンタジー

Without going too much into detail, any weapon with a Weapon Skill can be fed to another weapon for a % chance to increase the target weapon’s Weapon Skill. This number can go to 100%, so it is best to keep around enough fodder to guarantee a Skill Level Up when you need it.

2016-04-04 19_24_28-グランブルーファンタジー 2016-04-04 19_16_23-グランブルーファンタジー

In the long term, players will likely only level up the skills for weapons that you’ll use in your grid for a very long time. This leads many players to keep large stockpiles of weapons for later use on weapons that they really like or will use in their primary Weapon Grids.

3. Any Weapon or Summon With a + Bonus On It

This one is not so much saving the items themselves, but saving the item you might lose trying to get the Bonus back from it. The + Bonus on weapons is transferred between weapons when you feed the weapon with a + Bonus to another one.

2016-04-04 19_16_23-グランブルーファンタジー2016-04-04 19_38_17-グランブルーファンタジー

If you accidentally feed the bonus to the wrong thing, or want to move the + Bonus to a different weapon, you can do this by just selecting the “Remove Bonus” button, located on any weapon with a + Bonus. It will be sent to your mailbox as a Mirage, which can be fed to anything else.

2016-04-04 19_43_01-グランブルーファンタジー

2016-04-04 19_44_01-グランブルーファンタジー

Anyways, the bottom line here is, don’t sell your weapons or feed them away just because you want the + Bonus back. You can get it back without doing that!

4. Any SR/SSR Weapon/Summon From The Legend Gatcha

This is more of a consideration when you’re approaching High Level content (Rank 101), but keeping these Weapons and Summons is important for the long run, as you’ll eventually need to Elementify them for their materials.

2016-04-04 19_57_29-グランブルーファンタジー 2016-04-04 19_58_11-グランブルーファンタジー

Elementifying a Weapon or Summon that is from the Legend Gatcha is worth considerably more materials than a something that is not from the Legend Gatcha, so you’ll save yourself some headache by keeping these around for the future.

5. Materials For Crafting

This is where it starts to get really tricky, as there are a billion different craftable things in Granblue Fantasy, from Bahamut Weapons, to Class Weapons, to Ancient Battlefield Weapons, and so on and so forth. Luckily, most of these things are “Items”, which cannot be destroyed easily, but some are in fact Weapons that can easily be mistaken for other things. I’ll list a few things here, but expect this list to grow

Rusty Weapons

2016-04-04 19_47_43-グランブルーファンタジー

You need these for Ancient Battlefield weapons and for Bahamut Weapons, so don’t throw these away despite them looking worse than Normal weapons, they have a purpose!

Class Weapons

2016-04-04 19_49_41-グランブルーファンタジー

You can upgrade these weapons and many of them possess unique properties when equipped. You can tell it’s a class weapon because of the class restrictions on them.

Weapons For Upgrading The Knickknack Shack

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Main-gauche, Wind Spirit’s Talon Spear, Crimson Axe, Fire Spirits Scepter, Crystal Crozier, Rainbow Fish Scale, Ornament Earth Spirit’s Dakouken, Crash Hand, Shine Barrel, Shine Knuckle, Shadow Spear, Shadow Wand, Imperial Shotel, Spike Club

These weapons are found throughout the story mode and are required in a one time quest, so you shouldn’t sell or feed these items away if you can avoid it.

6. Your Carbuncles

While most SR Summons are sub-par things that get replaced quickly, Carbuncles are SR summons that you will use even until late game. While this seems like an obvious “don’t throw away anything you will use,” this gets a special mention because many lower level players make the mistake of fusing their Carbuncles together for limit breaks, when it’s strictly more economical to keep them separate and limit break them with different in-game materials.


That’s pretty much all I can think of off the top of my head, was there anything important I may have missed that players should keep? Come let me know on our Discord: 0kjJEzNaljVm3Opt