Granblue Fantasy – General Guild War Primer Updated


This will be a restructuring of the previous Guild War articles into one article, made to fit for the current Guild War event. This is more of a general primer on how Guild War works, and not for specific information on the March Guild War. You can find that information here after the Guild War actually begins. For all those top players out there, the Guild War enemy element has not yet been confirmed yet.

You will need a Guild to participate in the battle part of Guild Wars. If you don’t have a Guild, you can still read parts 1 and 2 of the guide for the solo portion.

1. Why should I care about Guild War?

Ancient Battlefield (古戦場) or Guild Wars, as we colloquially call them, are among of the highest rewarding events in all of Granblue Fantasy. Not only are there your usual prizes you see in all events, but Guild Wars is the starting gate for getting the best characters in the game, the Ten Deities.


The Ten Deities (十天衆) or colloquially known as the Guild War Characters, are very powerful characters that serve as the end game goal for Granblue Fantasy. More on the characters can be found on the Japanese wiki (in Japanese) or a number of other places.


You will also be able to get Medals for completing various tasks during Guild War, which you can use to buy the extremely rare SSR Summon limit break material. The care package you can purchase at 275 Medals is amazing, and should be the only thing you ever buy with Medals at low level. There is no other way to limit break gatcha summons, other than pulling another one, so you definitely want to spend your Medals here if you’re trying to power up your summons.

Newly added in the May 2016 Guild War is the option to buy an additional Hihirokane at 900 Medals. This is very expensive and will take numerous Guild Wars to accomplish, but if you have exhausted all your other options for Hihirokane or aren’t interesting in uncapping SSR Summons, save up for this.


1x SSR Summon Limit Break Material
1x Guarenteed Character Weapon Ticket
1x Guarenteed Summon Ticket
3x Gold Certificate
3x Silver Certificate
1x Devil Elemental


1x Hihirokane
1x Gold Certificate
2x Silver Certificate

Medals carry over between Guild Wars, so if you don’t make it to 275 in a single Guild War or are trying to save up to 900, it’s fine to do so.

Guild War Weapons

Unlike normal events, you will choose a special weapon at the beginning of the event, which will become the prize in the Event Gatcha for the duration of the event. Not only is this weapon a fantastic piece of equipment, but it is also necessary to eventually start your quest for one of the Ten Deities, so getting as many as possible is one of the goals. You cannot choose a different weapon until the next Guild War, so make your choice wisely.


Other Random Rewards

Compared to other events, the Guild War Event Gatcha has generally better prizes inside, as the recovery items will include AP Potions, as opposed to just seeds. You will also get rewards for reaching certain point/badge values, and general freebies for just logging in to the event.

2. How to participate in Guild War

For those who have played Granblue Fantasy for awhile now, Guild Wars are similar to Scenario events, but with a few unique twists.

2016-01-22 08_03_58-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

To start, you’ll fight some event bosses (solo and multi battle), and earn Contribution Points, Event Gatcha Tickets, and Bronze/Silver/Gold badges. Some stronger bosses will require special items to fight against, which you will get by fighting the weaker bosses.

2016-01-22 08_05_50-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

Stronger bosses yield better rewards in exchange for their greater AP/BP and item costs. You will do this throughout the entire event to reap the rewards.

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If you have the Point Dagger from the Celestial Event, you can use it to gain additional Contribution Points, much like in Scenario Events.

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You will have access to special healing items that can be pulled from the Event Ticket Draw. These items do not carry over between Guild Wars, so make sure to use them to your advantage when fighting the enemies during Guild War.

3. Powering Up Your Guild

You can help your guild during Guild War by using Soul Powder on the special Menu located in the Guild War screen. Every Soul Powder can boost your Guild’s ATK or HP by 1% up to 30% until 5AM the next day.

2016-01-22 07_48_49-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

Often times, this can make a huge difference in the general viability or killing speed of the members of your guild, so a coordinating with them to maximize the usage of everyone’s Soul Powder is a good idea.

2016-01-22 07_48_57-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

4. Winning the Prelims

Preliminary rounds last for 24 hours, and a grindfest pitting the entire community of Granblue Fantasy against one another. During this time, you and your guild will collectively amass Contribution Points and compete for the top 2400 guilds in Granblue Fantasy. Your guild’s ranking will fluctuate a great deal as more guilds begin their push for the top rankings.

2016-01-24 23_22_38-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

Some guilds do not have to participate in the Preliminary Rounds, as they are Seeded Guilds. Seeded Guilds have earned a very high score in a previous Guild War, and do not have to compete with the rest of the guilds for a top 2400 spot.

Those that do not reach the top 2400 ranking will not be able to participate in the Superior Rounds, but can still grind for Event Gatcha Tickets for solo rewards and so on. You will miss out on a lot of Medals if you fail to qualify, unfortunately.

5. Superior Rounds

As for everyone who makes it into the Superior Rounds of the Guild War, you and your guild will compete directly against another guild in a contest of more grinding. The guild that has more Contribution Points in each 19 hour battle is the winner of each particular Guild War.

2016-01-25 15_32_27-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

In addition to the solo rewards, it is now possible to win a number of Medals by fighting against another guild in the next 5 days. A win will give you a whopping 50 Medals and a loss will still net a respectable 15 Medals.

2016-01-24 23_25_12-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

2016-01-24 23_25_23-グランブルーファンタジー[ChromeApps版]

Do note that a losing guild does need to at least get 1,000,000 points and each individual person needs to get at least 50,000 points to be eligible for the consolation prize.

6. Betting


Completely aside from the endless grind of farming points for hours in a row, there is also a betting system which allows you to win crystals. This is only available after the preliminary round is over. 


All the guilds are divided into four quadrants (North, South, East, and West), and you can bet on them like horses in a horse race using Betting Tickets. If the quadrant you choose has lower odds to win, you will in more crystals if they actually do win, whereas quadrants with high odds to win will award you less. You can also bet on exact placements (1st North, 2nd South, 3rd East) for an even bigger payoff, but unless you’re a psychic or someone with extreme information gathering skills, this is very difficult to win. 

It costs 1 Betting Card to place a single bet. You can throw all your cards into one bet or spread them out in several bets, it’s all up to you. You will get 1 free Betting Card every day by checking the Book Maker screen.

If you can’t find a good bet to make, you can always hold your Betting Cards until next time, as they carry over between Guild Wars.


7. Last Chance Qualifier

If your guild is a strong guild or the guild happened to carelessly make a mistake on the preliminary round, you can still enter the Guild War via the Last Chance Qualifier. If your Guild ranks in the top 120 of the unqualified guilds, you will be entered into the Guild War starting the next day. Never give up!

8. Conclusion

I’ll update with some March Guild War specific strategies as the actual event starts, but until then, come check us out on Discord: