Fenrir and Cerberus Return!

This article is a bit late, as there were a number of things that needed confirmation. Read on!

Event Run Period: 8/16 7PM – 8/23 5PM JST

Note: this article is a WIP. It will be updated as more information about the event comes to light.

What is this event?

This is a rerun event featuring two bosses, Fenrir and Cerberus. These events are only Extra Quests and you will farm for materials to buy weapons or the weapons themselves.

Treasure Shop Rewards

By clearing the Extra quests, you get materials that can be exchange in the treasure shop for various things. Here’s a quick overview of what you can get. Note that every weapon will increase in price each time you buy it. This time around, the buy limit for each weapon is 3 times, meaning you will need to get at least one drop of each weapon to fully uncap each one.

2016-08-18 18_41_00-Granblue Fantasy

Cerberus – A 4 Star Uncappable Fire/Dark dual elemental summon. While not the best summon for its Aura, it has fairly good ATK stats, so it isn’t terrible if you’re starting out and you need to fill in those numbers. You can only purchase 4 from the shop.

2016-08-18 18_41_13-Granblue Fantasy

Cerberus Order – This is a 4 Star Uncappable Dark gun with some niche abilities. It doesn’t spot any sort of ATK UP bonus, having instead Mutliattack and Enmity, meaning it will only be used for certain types of builds. Still, if you didn’t get the gun from the Robomi event, it could have some use for that, but it’s quite expensive to Uncap all the way to 4 Star. You can only purchase 3 from the shop. Materials and weapon only confirmed to drop from Hell/Nightmare difficulties.

2016-08-18 18_41_23-Granblue Fantasy

Wave Rod – This is a 4 Star Uncappable Dark dagger. At a time where Celeste weapons were not buyable in the renown shop and there were no 4 Star Celeste weapons, this dagger was an alternative build to Magna weapons, but these days it greatly pales in comparison to Magna weapons even when you use a Hades build. Only recommend if your Dark grid is 0 Star, but not bad at all if you don’t have any other dagger to use on main hand. You can only purchase 4 from the shop.

2016-08-18 18_41_33-Granblue Fantasy

Cerberus – A 4 Star Uncappable Water elemental summon. While a pretty weak summon for its Aura, simply being a Water elemental gives it some value, as you might need some things to fill in to get the most out of a Bonito build. As a sub summon, it’s very close to Cocytus. You can only purchase 4 from the shop.

2016-08-18 18_41_43-Granblue Fantasy

Fimbul – The brand new hotness for Water, this weapon comes with a new weapon skill Stamina, which gives you more ATK the closer to full HP you are AND comes with HP Up to synergize with it. So far, the bonus has been calculated to be more powerful than a weapon with an EX Skill, so it is nearly a must have for Water users. You can only purchase 3 from the shop. Materials and weapon only confirmed to drop from Hell/Nightmare difficulties.

2016-08-18 18_41_49-Granblue Fantasy

Gleipnir – A slightly worse, but economically feasible alternative to the Light Magna/Omega Axe weapon, this weapon is good for Varuna builds or for people who haven’t quite filled out their Water grids yet. Those without a strong Water grid should definitely consider grabbing it. You can only purchase 4 from the shop.

Other – You can (and should) buy two 1/2 AP potions every day from each shop. CP (or JP, if you’re playing in Japanese), Champion/Supreme Merit (Silver/Gold Certs), and Skill Up Material are moderately priced, so if you don’t need anything else from the event, you can farm materials to buy these instead.

Extra Quests

2016-08-18 18_54_24-グランブルーファンタジー

The more difficult the dungeon, the better the overall drops.

Maniac difficulty is much harder than Extreme and also has a chance to let you fight against Hell/Nightmare difficulties.

Bonus Hell/Nightmare

2016-08-18 18_42_06-グランブルーファンタジー

By completing Extreme or Maniac, you have a chance to fight against the Hell/Nightmare difficulty dungeons, which costs 0 AP to do. These dungeons drop materials and weapons specific to this difficulty, so there is a great deal of incentive to do them this time around.

There are now 3 difficulties, Level 60, Level 100, and Level 120. You a new unlock each one by completing the previous difficulty. The Level 100 and 120 quests are more difficult than the Maniac difficulty, so beware.

You can use an Elixer once per fight to revive, which may be worth it if you haven’t collected the title from clearing it the first time.


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