EVO 2016 – Granblue Fantasy Side Tournament

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As you may know, in addition to playing Granblue Fantasy, I am an avid participant in fighting game tournaments as a player/commentator/organizer, with EVO being no exception. This year I’m thinking of running a Granblue Fantasy side tournament at EVO, just to see if it can actually work. The general jist of it is below:

Elimination Rules: Single Elimination
Prize Structure: Winner take all
Format: G-Lo (Read Below)
Location: BYOC Area
Date: 7/16/16 (Saturday)
Time: 6PM Local Time
Entry Fee: TBA

Times, dates, and rules are subject to change and/or cancellation.

(G-Lo) Format Rules: Winner will be decided by one round of Single Draw or 10-Part Draw, depending on the number of entrants. The players with the highest result, which is the greatest number of SSRs in a the round. Drawing one of the Big Three (Lucifer, Bahamut, The Order Grande) will be considered for tiebreakers, but is otherwise not worth more than 1 SSR. In the event of a tie round, additional Single Draw or 10-Part Draws may be required to determine a winner. A player may forfeit at any time.

Verification Rules: The item box will be verified for Draw validity and timing. In the event that the item time does not match up with the tournament time, the results will be declared invalid and the entrant will be disqualified.