Anime Expo 2016 – Granblue Fantasy Meet-Up

Anime Expo is coming up this weekend in Los Angeles, California, so I thought it’d be cool to try a Granblue themed meet-up for those who happen to be making it out. The gathering will be on Sunday, July 3rd, from 7PM to 8PM at Cosplay Gathering Site 5, which is outside of the South Hall of the convention center. I’ll be the handsome individual with a Blue Crystal sign.

While officially a “Cosplay Gathering”, this is also an open invitation for non-cosplaying Granblue players to also bring their crystals and roll with us. There will be fabulous (an un-opened Kimi to Boku no Mirai CD) and not-so-fabulous (I’m not sure what goes here yet) prizes available, so if you have time and you’re in the area, come by and share in the salt with us!

Gathering Info
Date: July 3rd
Day: Day 3
Time: 7PM-8PM
Suggested War Funds: Around 3900 Crystals.