Radiance Shadowverse Weekly – Vol. 0 – Results

Radiance Shadowverse Weekly

Hello! We’ve begun our weekly series of Thursday evening Shadowverse tournaments. Entry is free and prizes are sponsored by Cygames, so come show some support and win a some vials! Next Week’s Tournament:¬†https://battlefy.com/radiance/radiance-shadowverse-weekly-vol-1/58768c96dcbf8f4503429223/info Total Entrants: 16 Prizes: 1st – ALooX – 3500¬†Vials 2nd – Cztein – 2000 Vials Tournament Info: https://battlefy.com/radiance/radiance-shadowverse-weekly-vol-1/58733e2c1bee8597052e49c1/info Decklists: 1st ALooX Havencraft Forestcraft 2nd Cztein Bloodcraft Shadowcraft […]

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Radiance Shadowverse Open – Vol. 0 Results

Radiance Shadowverse Open

Hello Duelists! As people who follow our Discord more closely, we recently held a small scale trial Shadowverse tournament for funsies. Here is a sample results report, but don’t expect any super serious data as the tournament format and short timescale likely skewed the results. Moving forward, we might try to make this a regular event if time an interest […]

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