Fenrir and Cerberus Return!

2016-08-19 00_49_14-Granblue Fantasy

This article is a bit late, as there were a number of things that needed confirmation. Read on! Event Run Period: 8/16 7PM – 8/23 5PM JST Note: this article is a WIP. It will be updated as more information about the event comes to light. What is this event? This is a rerun event featuring two bosses, Fenrir and Cerberus. These […]

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Granblue Radiance – 8/8/2016 – Rise of the Four Beasts (Re-run)


Celestial re-run, but with no new gold bars. This article is a complete re-hash of the previous one, so do come tell me if there is anything that needs to be updated! Event Dates – 8/8/2016 7PM JST – 8/15/2016 5PM JST Unlike the previous Celestial events which were divided by Element, now you can fight all four elemental bosses throughout the event. There […]

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EVO 2016 – Granblue Fantasy Side Tournament

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As you may know, in addition to playing Granblue Fantasy, I am an avid participant in fighting game tournaments as a player/commentator/organizer, with EVO being no exception. This year I’m thinking of running a Granblue Fantasy side tournament at EVO, just to see if it can actually work. The general jist of it is below: Elimination Rules: Single Elimination Prize […]

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