Granblue Radiance Newsletter – 4/8/2016 – Celestial Event: Suzaku

2016-04-08 03_02_23-グランブルーファンタジー

After a month of hiatus, Celestial events are back! Unfortunately for me, the English version of this game will come out mid event… forcing me to rename everything and add new screenshots, so expect some construction work here and there! Event Dates – 4/8/2016 3AM PST (7PM JST) -4/15/2016 1AM PST Unlike usual, this event is much longer. Celestial events are […]

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Granblue Radiance – 3/31/2016 – New Scenario Event: Rowain vs Robo Katarina


Greetings Skyriders, having trouble balancing AP potions or seeds left this 1/2 AP/BP campaign? Wait a second, this line sounds pretty familiar. In any case Rowain’s quest for love on this April Foolish day begins! This article is still being written and will be updated as more information comes to light. How To Progress In The Event Story Portion To start, the event […]

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