EVO 2016 – Granblue Fantasy Side Tournament

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As you may know, in addition to playing Granblue Fantasy, I am an avid participant in fighting game tournaments as a player/commentator/organizer, with EVO being no exception. This year I’m thinking of running a Granblue Fantasy side tournament at EVO, just to see if it can actually work. The general jist of it is below: Elimination Rules: Single Elimination Prize […]

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Anime Expo 2016 – Granblue Fantasy Meet-Up


Anime Expo is coming up this weekend in Los Angeles, California, so I thought it’d be cool to try a Granblue themed meet-up for those who happen to be making it out. The gathering will be on Sunday, July 3rd, from 7PM to 8PM at Cosplay Gathering Site 5, which is outside of the South Hall of the convention center. I’ll be the handsome individual with a Blue Crystal sign. […]

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Kantai Collection Summer Event Giveaway


Life’s RNG has finally caught up to me, and with that, my tenure as a Teitoku stationed in Yokohama, Japan is coming to a close. Tonight, we’ll celebrate my time as Teitoku with an event marathon stream, but I also want to celebrate those who watched over my epic struggle against RNGjesus by dragging my audience into an RNG struggle […]

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