Granblue Radiance – 9/2/2016 – Order of the Lord Collab Event

2016-09-02 00_06_51-Granblue Fantasy

This event is a Defense Order (Defend Order) event. This does make me think a generic Defense Order primer might be necessary, but for now enjoy this half baked guide on them. Event Duration: September 1st – September 21st How To Join Defense Order Defense Order occurs multiple times per day and is separated by Group. First, determine what Group you […]

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Fenrir and Cerberus Return!

2016-08-19 00_49_14-Granblue Fantasy

This article is a bit late, as there were a number of things that needed confirmation. Read on! Event Run Period: 8/16 7PM – 8/23 5PM JST Note: this article is a WIP. It will be updated as more information about the event comes to light. What is this event? This is a rerun event featuring two bosses, Fenrir and Cerberus. These […]

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Granblue Radiance – 8/8/2016 – Rise of the Four Beasts (Re-run)


Celestial re-run, but with no new gold bars. This article is a complete re-hash of the previous one, so do come tell me if there is anything that needs to be updated! Event Dates – 8/8/2016 7PM JST – 8/15/2016 5PM JST Unlike the previous Celestial events which were divided by Element, now you can fight all four elemental bosses throughout the event. There […]

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EVO 2016 – Granblue Fantasy Side Tournament

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As you may know, in addition to playing Granblue Fantasy, I am an avid participant in fighting game tournaments as a player/commentator/organizer, with EVO being no exception. This year I’m thinking of running a Granblue Fantasy side tournament at EVO, just to see if it can actually work. The general jist of it is below: Elimination Rules: Single Elimination Prize […]

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Short Guide-writing Hiatus


As you may have noticed, I’m quite behind on the guides for the recent story events. I’m still playing the game and fairly active on Discord, but with Anime Expo the previous week, EVO the next week, and a full-time job, I haven’t really had time to sit down and crank out a guide. I intend to resume guide-writing after EVO weekend, […]

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